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Village Common of Rhode Island

Village Common of Rhode Island

Our Mission


The mission of The Village Common of RI is to fundamentally change the experience of growing older here in RI by fostering the creation of communities of mutual support – Villages – across the state and by directly supporting their long-term sustainability.


Our Core Values




Generosity is the lifeblood of The Village Common. Members and friends volunteer their time and resources to support one another.


The Village Common thrives on inclusiveness. We welcome all to join us, regardless of age, income, gender identification, sexual orientation, ethnicity or faith.


Engaging with others is central to our health and well-being. Our members and friends are active participants in social activities and volunteer work that nourish our connections to one another and to the larger community.


We embrace the spirit of collaboration. We contribute to and benefit from working with each other, with other organizations and communities.

Our sustainability rests upon good governance and fiscal responsibility. Our communities of mutual support remain strong through the financial and volunteer support of members and friends

Village Common of Rhode Island


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Tuesday, April 07
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5:45pm - 7:45pm
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Jamestown Philomenian Library
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Heidi Moon
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