Prancer: A Christmas Tale (Movie Showing)

Prancer: A Christmas Tale

PG | 1hr 30min | Holiday

James Cromwell, Darcey Ewart, Sarah-Jane Potts

As Christmas approaches in the little town of Brightridge, widowed grandfather Bud (James Cromwell) is sadly closing down his beloved family hardware store when he has an accident, leaving him in need of help. His son and daughter bring their families to town to stay with Bud, help him recuperate, and finish closing the store. This Christmas season seems extra enchanted once a mysterious reindeer begins to appear around town. Bud and his granddaughter Gloria name him Prancer and form a special bond with him while he seems to be trying to tell them something. When Gloria comes up with a secret plan for Prancer to help save Bud's store, her family and the whole town come together to realize the true Christmas magic that Prancer possesses.

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Thursday, December 07
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1:30pm - 3:30pm
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Deborah Homer
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