Meet Author: Shamus Flaherty

Shamus Flaherty will be joined by arborist Matt “Twig” Largess
to discuss Flaherty’s most recent novel, Treehugger.
Treehugger is a work of fiction based on the real life heroics of
Largess, who left behind a life of debauchery and apathy to
become one of the leading preservationists of old growth
forests in America.
Topics of discussion will also include writing, the environment,
recovery and life.
Presented by the Friends of the Library

Children's and T(w)een Summer Reading Program - Kickoff with Animal World Experiences

Watch an Animal World Experiences performance and stay to sign up for the Summer Reading Program (grab your BINGO card).

From lizard lounges to millipede mansions, learn about a variety of different shelters animals build and use. During this exciting program, you will begin to understand the many ways in which they are similar to as well as differrent than our own homes. Kids will also learn a new respect for nature when they realize how hard animals work on these basic shelters, just so they can survive in the wild.

Lego Club

Join us for Lego Club every Thursday from 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. Each week, we build according to a theme (ie. robots, Star Wars, buildings). 

Children aged 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

The Friends of Jametown Library International Film Series: Sur le chemin de l'école

What if the ways that lead to school was brought to the screen ? It was an ambitious yet successful gamble. “On the Way to School” directed by Pascal Plisson and produced by Barthélemey Fougea illustrates the incredible and true stories of four children, true heros. Zahira in Morocco, Jackson in Kenya, Carlos in Argentina, and Samuel in India each experience countless challenges everyday, sometimes at the risk of their lives, to get to school.


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