T(w)een Zine

This summer submit your creative work for publication in JPL's first T(w)een Zine!

For local students in grades 5-12

Each contributor can submit up to 3 pieces in the following categories:

short stories (3,000 words or less) 

poetry (2 pages, single-spaced) 

plays (10 pages or less)


digital art/digital adaptations 

Submissions will be accepted from June 26 - July 17, 2023

Email your creative work to Colleen LeBeau, Youth Services Librarian, at jamlibyouth@gmail.com

Accepted file types: For text: .doc, .docx, .rtf 

For images: .jpg, .png 

Content disclaimer: Submissions may be edited or rejected due to the level of sensitive content or language. This includes but is not limited to, excessive violence, adult situations, and offensive language. 

Each contributor will receive one copy of the zine