Meeting Hall

What are Those Bugs on Our Trees? How to Build Tree Resiliency & Health

Are those insects on your trees good or bad? Are some of them killing your trees? Explore the natives, non-natives, and invasives - both trees and insects - in our Rhode Island landscapes with Alana Russell, a research entomologist and manager of the URI BioControl Lab. Learn the actions you can take to counteract and prevent insect pests and invasive trees. Find out what Rhode Island and URI are doing to combat invasives and support the health of our trees.

Jigsaw Puzzle Swap


Tired of completing the same puzzle over and over again? Ready for a new one?

Come to the Jamestown Philomenian Library Jigsaw Puzzle Swap
and keep your puzzle collection fresh!
Bring a 500+ piece puzzle without any missing pieces to trade for one that is new-to-you.
Spread the word so there will be more puzzles to choose from.

Saturday, November 16 2:00 - 4:00 P.M. Meeting Hall


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