Tick Awareness with URI Professor Tom Mather

Tick Awareness

Saturday, March 23 at 3 pm.

With Professor Tom Mather

Oh, no! You’ve been bitten by a tick or find one on your clothes or pet. Your anxiety quickly builds as you wonder, “Is this a deer tick? Will I get Lyme disease?”

With University of Rhode Island Professor of Entomology Tom Mather warning that a tough tick season is looming this spring and summer, he also wants you to know that help is as close as the Internet or cellular data by using his TickSpotters program.

With your smartphone or camera, simply take a photo of a tick that you find on your skin or clothes and send it to TickSpotters.

Mather, a nationally renowned tick expert, director of the URI Center for Vector-Borne Disease and its popular TickEncounter Resource Center, works with doctoral graduate student Heather Kopsco and other team members to examine photos and provide an identification confirmation, a personalized risk assessment and case-appropriate prevention educational information at no charge to help people determine what their next steps could be.


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Diseases transmitted by ticks are a significant concern in Rhode Island and throughout the United States. Neither the densely populated urban centers, nor surrounding suburban and rural portions of the region are immune to vector-borne disease. A century-old process of reforestation combined with more recent demographic shifts towards suburban lifestyles have facilitated the emergence of several serious tick-transmitted infections within the region