Seeking Shelter Opening Reception 6-8 pm.

Father Daniel Berrigan and theologian and civil rights lawyer William Stringfellow belonged to an old American tradition — faith-based activism. During the tumultuous 1960s and long afterward, the two friends, both hard-working, prolific authors, were also activist opponents of the war in Vietnam and campaigners for civil rights, social justice, nuclear disarmament, and the environment.
Seeking Shelter: A Story of Place, Faith and Resistance, the multi-media exhibition that tells this intriguing, moving, and timely story, made its debut on Block Island at the Island Free Library in July of 2017.
Seeking Shelter will open at the Jamestown Philomenean Library, 26 North Road, Jamestown, on May 14th. An opening reception begins at 6:00 pm; all are welcome. The exhibition will remain at the library through July 22, 2018.
Seeking Shelter is led by a group of Block Islanders who, like Berrigan and Stringfellow, treasure the Island’s natural beauty and sense of community. The project received support from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, The Roosa Fund, the Seedworks Film Foundation, The Puffin Foundation, and a number of generous individuals.

Ken Yellis: 401-619-4524