Renovation! Our Library, Our Community

Dear Caring Friend,

 Our library has served our community brilliantly for more than a century. But as with most public spaces, wear and tear has begun to show and our needs have changed and evolved. Now is the right moment for an important renovation. The results promise to be as stunning as they are necessary.

 We have morphed into the place to be. Aside from books in multiple formats, we also offer first-run movies, a plethora of classes and programs, computer and technology access and assistance, as well as spaces for people to congregate. Every day there is something exciting taking place within our walls! 

 Our plans call for the creation of a quiet area for adults, space to accommodate children and their families during activities, and an area where tweens can work on their computers or socialize in a safe space. Lastly, the boom in usage has squeezed staff space and that, too, will be addressed. 

 Please join with your fellow Jamestowners and become a part of Our Library, Our Community today. We are here for you and your neighbors seven days a week. Won’t you please be here for us as we take our library to the next level of growth? We are nearly two-thirds of the way toward reaching our fundraising goal — but we can’t get there without a caring community by our side. Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,

Donna Fogarty, Library Director 

Ed Gromada, Campaign Chair

Our Library, Our Community Campaign

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