Precision Medicine "The Future of Patient Treatment"

Precision Medicine "The Future of Patient Treatment".


The lecture on Precision Medicine will address how treatment options will change over the next several years, and how these changes will benefit the patient. The application of several new methodologies, and patient information will provide a platform that will eventually maximize treatment benefit to the patient.


Nick Kouttab, Ph.D., recently retired from Roger Williams Medical Center as Director of Immunology. He is emeritus associate professor of pathology, Boston University School of Medicine, and emeritus associate professor of pathology and laboratory medicine, Brown Alpert Medical School., and special instructor in biology, Providence College. His field includes immunopathology, molecular immunology, and flow cytometry, particularly for blood cancers. He was an integral part of the bone marrow transplantation center at Roger Williams Medical Center. He is an author on over 100 publications, and presented invited lectures locally, nationally, and internationally, in the bi